All about UAS operational authorization: SORA, COnOPS and standard scenarios.

Restricted operation according to standard scenarios (STS)

By operating according to a standard scenario, you can easily obtain flight clearance.

In order to keep the approval effort for flights in the specific category within limits, there is the possibility to operate without regulatory approval and instead with an operating declaration according to a predefined standard scenario, in accordance with EASA implementing regulations 2019/947. This means the operation only needs be declared. A possible scenario is for instance a flight over populated areas with visual contact to the UAS and complete control over the people in the vicinity. The competent authorities are successively working on standard scenarios for drone operators to cover the most common use cases.

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individual operation based on
an operational risk assessment (SORA)

On the basis of a SORA (Specific Operation Risk Assessment), you can realize individual operations.

For drone operations, which are not allowed within the open category, the operational authorization can be obtained in the specific category, according to EASA on the basis of a predefined (PDRA) or individual risk assessment (SORA). Depending on the operational risks for the planned UAS operation, different risk mitigation measures have to be defined by the UAS operator. For an operational authorization, the competent authority reviews the risk assessment and decides whether the correct measures for a safe operational use have been defined. 

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Cross boarder operation
within the EU

Your existing operating authorisation can be transferred to an EU Member State upon request.

Thanks to a uniform EU drone regulation, your flight within an EU member state is possible without major effort. The basis for use abroad is an approved operating authorisation in the country of drone registration, which is also recognised by the other EU member states. For the intended flight area, the UAS operator must specifically submit the risk reduction measures to the competent authority in the EU country and have them approved. 

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