The introduction of the EU standard scenarios is postponed

According to Article 23(4) of the Implementing Regulation (EU) 2019/947, as of December 2, 2021, Member States may only accept declarations of operation from UAS operators that correspond to one of the two published standard scenarios in the Annex to the Implementing Regulation.

An essential prerequisite for the use of these standard scenarios are certified C5 and C6 class drones. However, the corresponding technical requirements standards for the class are currently still in the works and will not be available in time for the December 2, 2021 deadline.

For this reason, EASA has redefined the date of application for Article 5(5) which is now 3 . December 2023. bekannt gegeben.

Notwithstanding this postponement, until 2 December 2023, Member States may accept declarations from UAS operators referred to in Article 5(5) that are based on national standard scenarios or equivalent scenarios if these national scenarios meet the requirements of point UAS.SPEC.020 of the Annex.

This provides at least an interim solution for UAS operators seeking to operate in the specific category without an operating license. 

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